June Lake Vision Book
Helping a client craft a brand launch during the pandemic to ensure their vision gets shared with the right audience.
June Lake Project





Buckner Lane Partners came to Slate Shepherd with the need to announce the name of the project. Due to Covid, an event was not an option. Without any architectural renderings or a master plan, we proposed an announcement video that told a story of the moments that would impact the daily lives of the residents and guests when the project is complete.

They also saw the need to craft a vision statement and brand messaging that creates consistent communication across multiple platforms, differentiates them from competition, and rallies the design and development team to work towards a common goal. We began by listening to the board of directors. Their stories, market analysis, and lifestyle trends were melded together to form a brand strategy for the project.

This brand’s first approach ensures the essence of the brand is carried across into every facet of the built environment and brand communication. It also acts as a guide to the stakeholders as they make critical decisions that dictate the success of the project.

The June Lake brand vision book includes a brand platform that communicates to the internal project team the public facing messaging in the form of a tagline, brand value proposition, and vision statement.