Luma Golf
We took all the barriers of golf and shifted the paradigm. No concerns about rain, heat, cold temps, lack of daylight, or lost golf balls.
Luma Golf Project





Even as avid golfers, we  wanted to make sure to get every perspective on the game. Through dozens of interviews with various types of golfers, we received incredible insights and moved forward on building a club for non-club members. This project seeks to make golf a part of players’ daily lives by placing indoor golf simulator facilities in accessible urban locations that are open 24 / 7. This is a guest’s opportunity to play at any time that is convenient for them without disrupting their busy life or committing to a 5 hour round of slow golf play.

The exterior is vibrant and modern with the intent to exude the energy of the King of Cool, Arnold Palmer. The exterior concept is based on Arnie and his 60’s red Cadillac. The 3,500 sf interior captures the chill vibes of a modern golfer’s mindset and puts more of an emphasis upon great shots and great times than great scores.